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Drawing on his experience in the Department of Justice and United States Congress, and as the leader of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Director Ratcliffe's private sector work thrives at the intersection of national security, intelligence, and technology. He currently provides consulting and advisory board services to a wide variety of companies, ranging from cyber security and artificial intelligence firms to energy infrastructure corporations and unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturers.
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    John Ratcliffe gives audiences an insider’s perspective on the halls of power and the most profound challenges facing the United States and the world. Having served as both a member of Congress, with its oversight and lawmaking responsibilities, and as a Cabinet member, where he was the principal officer of an executive agency responsible for the more than 200,000 employees within the U.S. intelligence community, John is able to offer a unique perspective on the intersection of power and politics in Washington, D.C. Topics he regularly speaks on include foreign policy and international affairs, intelligence and national security, geopolitical risk, counterterrorism, cyber security, and more.
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Director Ratcliffe also serves as Co-Chairman of the America First Policy Institute’s Center for American Security.